Our Story

A love letter to my pups.

This little business started back in 2016 after the passing of matriarch dog, Delia. The pain and loss of her led to owner, Bridgette, picking up her hooks and needles to stay occupied during that trying time. Bridgette mainly made blankets that were eventually given to all her family members. After an overwhelming amount of crochet and knit items were gifted, Bridgette decided to start selling some of the items she was making in order to clear up room in her house and to still be able to keep crafting. The joke was that she made so much she could’ve insulated the walls! Alas, here begins the creation of Sweet Lou Snuggles. Named after Delia’s favorite puppy, Lou, who is the heart of Bridgette and her husband’s family. What started out as something that healed a broken heart has evolved into something that fills a heart with so much love and purpose every day.

We here at Sweet Lou are HUGE dog people. We are supporters of dog rescues and have had many fosters and rescues in our home throughout the years. Every dog that has come into our lives has made such a special impact. They are the most selfless, loving beings and bring such an immense amount of joy to our lives. To all the other dog and animal lovers out there...you've come to the right place.

  "Sweet Lou Snuggles is my love letter to them. To always strive to be a better person for them. To be able to create my art while still being able to spend time with them. To be able to honor all of them with items made out of my love for them." -Bridgette

Puppy Sweet Lou